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It's been quiet around here..

Anyone had any unusual mishaps with public transport lately?

Just recently the 100 Circle Line bus that drives by my house was exactly 15 minutes late. It's never been that late before and I only saw it pass by just as I had walked a few minutes up to catch the 117 into the city instead. The 100 going the other way was on time. Me thinks the bussies got the schedules messed up to be precisely that late.

Not one of the 100's better days, that's for sure. They seemed to be running normally today from what I noticed which is good :).

Shout out to the 100 bus...

To the 100 Circle Line bus route,

I never thought I would have a 100 bus stop next to our new soon to be home. I love you. I just wish you would run more regularly than every half an hour which you only seem to do outside 10:00am and 4:00pm which is when people mainly use the bus. Would not be much fun to miss you by 5 seconds and then having to wait another 1800 seconds more.

I could just walk 5 minutes up the road if need be to catch the more regular 115-118 set of buses with the benefit of not needing to get off at Grange Rd because of the fact you follow a different route past Grange.

Still 100, you'll be great for those hot and rainy days where I want to say "Fuck all" to walking.

Look forward to riding you more often ;).

-- Tom.

Hey, Bussie on the 118...

To the bus driver who drove the 118 into the city on Monday when I was heading out to Tea Tree Gully TAFE.

You scared me a bit when you went down towards North Terrace instead of heading towards Currie Street like you were supposed to. You are so lucky you realised the error of your ways and turned around. Please don't worry me like that again. Getting off at North Terrace taking the 150's meant I had to walk a bit more to get up to Currie St and that's just inconvenient since I now have the glorious 110 set of buses which drop me off with barely a minutes walk to the next stop.

Thank you for reading this ;)

-- Tom.

Letter to the Adelaide Metro...

Hi, Name's Tom ;).

I'll be writing to certain bus routes over the next few days/weeks but I just thought I would start out with a letter to the main bus service here in Adelaide, Australia. I actually have a lot of praise for the service but am a little disappointed when they recently decided to retire an old favourite of mine - the 151 bus to Port Adelaide TAFE - as a result of a revamp to their routes and timetables.

Dear Adelaide Metro,

I remember back in the 2004 days when the good ol' 151 would take me straight down to the TAFE campus over in Port Adelaide so I could complete my Cert II in IT. I realize times are a changin' and I should have known the days of the 151 were numbered especially as I was often the only person to travel the entire distance of the route during my time. Still it was the first public bus I ever boarded on my own. Obviously I didn't have any use for it once I finished my studies there however I boarded the bus again in the latter half of 2007 simply because I wanted the relive the start of my TAFE and bus adventures. Little did I know that would be my last ride ever on the 151. Just as well I enjoyed it while I did. I know you have alternative routes that stop near the campus but it just wouldn't feel the same for me.

Thank you taking the time for reading my feelings on the retirement of the blessed 151.


-- Tom.

Thank you 151 for making my voyages to Port TAFE so much simpler. All the best for you in retirement ;).

Fun *sarcasm* with the J

Heh, yay now I can record this one for posterity.

Dear J&M subway station somewhere near the Brooklyn bridge,

When a tourist is trying to get the J train to Grand Central at 7am to make an 11am flight, it is not nice to confuse the living shit out of her. If a ceiling sign says this is a J platform to Grand, it had better be exactly that and not some cruel ploy to make her look like an idiot. I did not appreciate following your stupid misleading signs only to see, every single time, the train I needed come up on the other side of a big brick wall. You don't know how tempting it was to go track-leaping after missing the 4th train in a row. Good thing I have a strong aversion to rats.

To the third person I asked who finally pointed me to the right stairwell, way back in the corner of the station around the other side of a wall with no signage? Thank you, you are officially awesome.

J line, it should not have taken me a full hour just to get on a train. Shame on you.